Dear Millennial Brides

I want to tell you, as a makeup artist I NEED to tell you are beautiful. Your fiance asked you to be his bride for who YOU are. When you are 60 years down the road, he is going to roll over in the morning and stare into your aged eyes with all your wrinkles and imperfections and love you more than you can understand in this moment. When it's time to look at your wedding pictures with your grandchildren, what do you want to see? What do you want your great grandchildren to say? Do you want them to hang a picture of you two in their home out of reverence for your love? YES?! Is the answer yes??? My grandparents were married for 64 years and I have not 1 but 2 pictures from their wedding hanging in my house. PLEASE consider this when you are making choices for your wedding day. Not so much about the actual wedding but more in regards to your dress, your hair, your makeup, his tux/suit and photographer....remember the timeless images in your mind you want to create. 

Now let me address what I KNOW about. Your makeup. In my opinion, every generation has something that "dates" their wedding pictures. Historically it's the actual wedding dress....the style, material, cut and shape tells us what decade you were married in. In my opinion, what is going to "date" brides now is the makeup trends. I blame pinterest for showing us a billion pictures of "brides" with heavy contouring, heavy highlight and dramatic eyes, allowing modern brides to create this as the new standard of what they want. SHAME ON YOU PINTEREST! Those arent REAL brides, those are models. In a studio, under the right lighting to create the perfect filtered picture....This is completely creating a false expectation for 20-35 year old brides. Here's why....

1. Its UNREASONABLE - sure everyone wants to look like a cover model on their wedding day but truth is we all have our unique face shapes that makes this literally impossible. I am 100% confident in my ability as an artist to do anything, heck I can give you a prosthetic nose on your wedding day if you wanted BUT just because I can doesn't mean I should. It's not about me, it's about YOU and YOU looking like YOU. So please, please dont ask me to extremely contour your face, dont ask me to make your eyes look like a different shape,  don't ask me to make your lips bigger, and please don't ask me to give you brows when you don't have any (worse when you don't normally do them like that). If you are going to ask me to go full on Ru Paul on you on your wedding day, (again which I DO NOT suggest) then we need to practice THIS look ahead of time so on the wedding day I know what's going to work for you and what's not. If you KNOW you are going to want a really dramatic look (1% of brides are like this all the time), tell us ahead of time so we can discuss BEFORE the trial run. So we can plan ahead for more time (which will be a higher rate) and even if it comes to it suggesting another artist that might better fit your style!   I can't give you 2 hours of my time and charge the same as a bride who wants a traditional look in 45- 60 min. When I work, I WORK diligently so my time is to be valued....this is the same for all Glossa Girls. 

2. Its UNEXPECTED- I am sure your mom, dad or whoever is paying for your photographer didn't expect their beautiful girl to come out full on Queen on her wedding day. They are expecting to see the best version of YOU and not a replica of a pinterest picture, who doesnt even look like you. You want people to stop and stare at your stunning bridal beauty not all the drama you have going on with your makeup, hair and dress...worse you dont want your groom to stare at you in unexpected shock as you walk down the isle than to be thinking "here comes my bride". 

3. Its UNNECESSARY- Quite frankly, at your age, you are at your beauty peak. You are at the pinnacle of your do not NEED all the contouring and highlighter and lashes and drama of a 40 year old man trying to look like a woman. You have natural glow on your side!!! Sure it's fun to go a little drag when going out for a girls night, bachelorette party or what not but on your wedding day....THE DAY that will define your partnership for the rest of your life, THE day all of your friends and family are going to be starting at you, THE day you will treasure pictures forever.....all of THAT is unnecessary. Maybe a little, just enough for people to say "DANG" but too much is overload. Have you ever had a chocolate cake that is good, but it's so dense and sweet you eat a few bites and you are like "ewww enough" yeah, that's how having overly dramatic makeup is. At first it looks great but then after a while you look at someone like "what is that crap all over your face"? Even for the best artists as myself, doing our best work, after a while the "you" starts to come through and you just look like you have been playing in makeup instead of your best self on your wedding day. I remember going to one of my boyfriends friends wedding as a date. The bride I had hung out with a lot (our boyfriends were friends) so I knew how she normally did her makeup....when she first walked down the isle I was startled....her MAKEUP was stunning but SHE didnt look like herself. We got through the ceremony and at the reception I just kept "who are you?" A few cocktails in (and maybe 4 hours after the I DOs) I was dancing on the dance floor with her and her makeup was starting to separate on her face!!!! Literally separate, like oil and water. It looked like a mask slowly melting off. I knew who her makeup artist was and later asked the makeup artist about the wedding. The MUA said she came into the wedding day wanting, no demanding even after the MUA told her she didnt think it was a good option, to have this look which wasnt what they had done at the trial run. The required products that DIDNT work for her skin, the look was wrong for her face shape and it took way more time than they had planned making the makeup artist late! The MUA was stuck between doing what the client wanted and doing what her face needed.....the result was looking like a HOT MESS by the end of the night. It wasnt the MUA fault, it was the CLIENT for not listening, planning ahead to do another trial and being unrealistic about how she wanted to look. YOU may want it, but YOU DONT need it!!! 

Bottom line, you are not a Kardashian. Wanna know how they look perfect all the time? They have a makeup artist (Mario, love him) and a hair stylist that follow them, ride in the car with them, on stand by to touch them up at ALL TIMES. Unless you are planning to pay for this on your wedding day, keep it simple. Let us make sure your look is going to stay put and keep it YOU. Editorial makeup is good for 2-4 hours, with touch ups. There is a reason why companies pay us $$$$ to be on set all day for 1 or 2 people. Your makeup has to last you 12 hours with NO touch ups and no artist on stand by (unless your budget allows $$$) SO keep it maintainable, let us do our job of knowing how to make you feel your best. Sure we care what your preferences are but let us be the master of what we know! 

Your parents will thank you for not dating 15k in photos with your "dated" fashion fad makeup and hair (they are trends after all), your groom will thank you for being yourself....the girl he wants to marry, and your 80 year old self will thank you for giving pictures your grandkids are proud to hang.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU are the ideal BRIDE. Let's make you feel stunning as you.