My mouth is ready

If you are like me, you look at pics of girls with these beautiful smiles and lip color and say, ohhhhhhh I want that! Here are a few things you need to do BEFORE you can apply the perfect lip....

YOU NEED Pearly whites!!! 

Lip color a lot of times WILL make your teeth look yellow. No one likes that!! Whitening your teeth is important but there are so many products...what works? 

1. Crest Whitestrips work so well. But they make your teeth sensitive. I would use to jumpstart the teeth Whitening process and then maybe move to a gentler product after the first 20 days of using. 

2. Twilight Teeth - this system does work. It comes with a UV light to use. Doesn't make teeth uber sensitive.

3. Whitening toothpaste. Eventually it will help but it's more a maintenance not something that will make them go whiter quick.

4. Baking soda or charcoal powder. Brushing with either will also help whiten.  

Day 10 - my lips are ready! 

1. Scrub them! Using sugar and coconut oil, brush them with a toothbrush to remove dead skin.  

2. Hydrate- when preparing to use a lip color intensely Hydrate for 10 min. Or so with an ointment like Aquaphor or Rosebud Salve.  Wipe completely before using lip color. 

3. Protect - always protect lips in winter or summer by having a sunscreen lip balm on at all times! In the winter will protect from blisters and chapped but in summer will protect from sun and wrinkles around the mouth!