Charcoal anyone?

It's NOT just used for grilling. Activated charcoal is amazing for detoxification and cleaning! Here are all the ways you can use this natural wonders to help you!

1. In your skincare - of course you can add it to a hydrating mask so that you are getting hydrated and detoxified. 

2. In your drink - you can drink it by adding some coconut water, maple syrup, lemon, lavender to it to detoxed your body. 

3. On your teeth - for a natural teeth whitener you can brush it on your teeth mixed with a little water and let sit for a few min. Before rinsing.  

4. As a cleaner - mix into a paste using a little Meyers Cleaning Day natural cleaner. Clean with a sponge and wipe away. Good for kitchen and bathroom! 

Charcoal....who knew?!