Treatment and Hydration

 Often these two things go hand and hand. We all have our own skin "issues" but for most of us they fall under 2 separate categories...

1. Oily, break outs, uneven skintone

2. Dry, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation

Some of us are blessed to have BOTH these things, such as myself hahaha but really, you mainly fall under one or another.  

Treatment is HUGE and Hydration even more important for BOTH issues. Let's first start with Day 5, treatment...

1. Oily - Teatree oil is one of the BEST things to encourage cleansing of the skin. You can put the oil directly on your problem areas or add a little to a mild lotion. Using any products with Teatree can help as well but beware NOT to dry out the skin too much because then you will produce MORE oil to over compensate. Adding a toner like Laura Mercier Perfecting water will also help hydrate the skin bringing the PH balance back without adding oil.  

2. Dry - my favorite thing to use on the skin, and I've blogged about it so much o feel like I should be paid by the company is Damascus Rose Oil by Badger. It is a treatment and hydration all together. I use it under my eyes even. Love this. Also for wrinkles anything with Alpha Lipoic Acid in it is nice as an anti aging.  

NOW for Hydration....

1. Oily peeps - yes use an oil free moisturizer in the day but BEWARE do not use it at night!! Use a regular moisturizer at night. Your skin NEEDS hydration or it will go too Oily trying to produce it for itself, increasing your problem. So use a toner like witch hazel and then a good night cream. 

2. Dry peeps - consider using a nighttime moisture mask at least a few times a week. You put it on before bed and sleep in it. OR at minimum a good night Cream. I like Boots No 7 night cream. Also, if you are going to tone...use something gentle like rose water. 

That's pretty much the skinny on that! Of course we could get wayyyyy more complicated with it but if you are like me, keeping it simple will ensure you actually do it haha!