Beauty Week on The Knot

Feb. 15- 21 is Beauty Week at The editor just asked for my opinion on what are some good beauty tips for brides.  Who knows what they will use of mine and what they won’t but I thought I would share all of them with everyone anyway!



10 Best Beauty Tips

From Glossa Professional Makeup Artist Lyndsey Yeager

Begin an at home skincare regimen at least 6 months in advance to the wedding. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Do not get a facial the week of the weddingFacials can bring out toxins in the skin. Schedule a facial at least two weeks before the wedding.

SPRAY TAN! Skip the tanning bed! It damages your skin and does more harm than good.  Have a specialist personally spray tan you for maximum results.

Do your makeup research! Find pictures of makeup applications you like from online, celebrity photos or bridal magazines. Don’t come unprepared to your makeup artist.  Show her/him exactly the look you are going for!

Don’t forget the Pedicure! I have had too many brides completely forget to have their toes done and they are scrambling to do it at the last minute. Not something you want to worry about on your wedding day.

Don’t overdo your makeup! Women want to feel glamorous on their wedding day sure, but too much makeup can be an awful mistake.  Your photos are going to “read” makeup differently and you want your look to be timeless.

Don’t skip the trial run. Every professional makeup artist should offer a trial run.  This is important for the bride as much as it is for the professional. It is a time to try out the makeup to make sure it is exactly what you want on the day of your wedding.

Do skip the Shimmer! Although shimmer in lotion, shimmer dust and shimmer blocks are pretty for going out at night, on your wedding day skip it.  In your wedding photos it may just appear that you are sweaty or shiny, neither a good thing.

If you are concealing a tattoo, learn to do it the right way with the right products. There are a lot of kits being sold to “do it yourself” concealing.  These tend to make the concealing of the tattoo more noticeable than it should be.  Instead go to a professional makeup artist and have them teach you the right steps to conceal a tattoo and the correct products to buy for your personal skin tone.

Ask for recommendations from past brides from your makeup artist. Every professional makeup artist runs their artistry as a business and should have a list of past brides that will attest to their work.  If they don’t beware.  On your wedding day you don’t want someone doing your makeup that has little experience.  I have had many last minute brides book with a Glossa artist because their makeup artist fell through due to the fact it was “a friend” or a “family member”, in theroy this is nice but they have not studied makeup, lighting and photography for years to know exactly how to make you look your best. Hire a makeup artist you can rely on to do a phenomenal job.