25 Days of "Inside Out" - Its a way of living, not just a service.

So something I have been contemplating lately is the industry and the world a "Makeup Artist Company" lives in.  On the is a world of vanity, self absorption,  of artificial images, of people wanting to be something they are not.  We live in a world of consumerism and materialism. We are constantly bombarded with messages to "BUY HERE", "SPEND HERE"...SALE on this, SALE on that....It is more than I can handle sometimes yet I find myself in the middle of it all. 

THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT.  I am ready for something fresh. Ready for something NEW. Ready for women (and men) to be UNIQUE, INDIVIDUALS, APPRECIATIVE and ACCEPTING for all that we are, all that we represent and all the magnificent wonder we behold as individuals. 

SO as MY gift to everyone this holiday season I am celebratingYOU by giving you 25 tips (and resources) on how to pamper yourself, make this holiday season more exciting with feeling better about how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside.  That's why I am calling this series "Inside Out".  I believe with my whole heart that its not JUST the tools that I have in my makeup bag that make people look good. People look how they feel.  Happy girls are the prettiest girls.  I want to offer ways for people to pamper their outside and nurture their inside. 

COMPLETELY FREE.  My gift.  Check FB and IG for the daily posts and follow up here on the blog for the resources associated.