15 ways to make your eyes look bigger!

I am asked all the time for suggestions on how to make small eyes look bigger.  Well, honest answer…there are a few tricks to make your eyes appear bigger but keep in mind, if you truely want the saggy part of the eye lid gone…you have to visit a plastic surgeon.  In my personal oppionion, don’t stress about it! ALL WOMEN have that part of their eye so simply try a few of these tricks and just embrace your eyes for what they are! You are beautiful.




1. Groom your brows! Well groomed brows in the right shape with the correct arch height make the eyes appear larger. 

2. If you can, wear fake eyelashes…if it is for an event or something special, the full strips are great. If it is for a special lunch or more everyday the outter corner lashes from MAC give a nice lifting look.  If you can’t figure out the falsies….use a lengthening mascara. Wiggle the brush from the base of the lash up. 

3. Instead of using two completely different shades of shadow, for a more natural look use a light brown and a dark brown, or a lighter green and darker green…you get the idea putting the lightest color close to the lash line and the darker color right above the lid into the crease. 

4. Skip the eyeliner! Instead of putting eyeliner on the lid…try using a flat brush or a waterproof pencil and going underneath the top lid, right into the lash line all the way across the eye.  This makes the lash line look nice and full without the heaviness of the dark liner on top of the lid. 

5. Be sure to curl your eyelashes.  A lot of people skip this step and it really helps your eyelashes reach their full potential. 

6. Use a color that is complimentary to your eye color.

7. Try to use lighter shades on your eyes, especially if you are wearing glasses.

8. Use a white liner or beige liner on the inner rim of the eye. 

9. Conceal your circles underneath.  Be sure to use a concealer that has warm tones to counteract the blue tones in circles under the eyes.  Do this over top of your foundation and do NOT use any powder under the eye unless it is specifically made for under the eye.

10. If your eye is still looking a little dull, use a little highlighter under the eye like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Pen, YSL Touche Eclait or Laura Geller Wonder Wand. 

11. If you are going to use any darker shades be sure to keep them to the center of the eye lid to the outter corner of the eye.

12. A big star secret is to put a dab of shimmery shadow in the inner corner of the eye. 

13. If you lid is slightly wrinkly, do not use any shimmer on the lid or in the crease. Use Matte Shadows and if you want to use a little shimmer put it right under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye.

14. Blend all shadows well, in small circles and blend up.

15. Don’t let the brow shape get too thin, there are plenty of brow stencils and guides to make sure that you get an accurate shape for your face.  I suggest going to a great eyebrow THREADER to get the perfect shape for you and just maintaining it at home.