12 Days of Christmas...12 Days of Makeup Looks - Days 1 -6

On the First day of Christmas the “Look" Glossa made for me…..

1. A Forest Green eye that was Smokey….Layering is the key to this trend for the Holiday season. Instead of making a smokey eye out of Browns and Blacks, Forest green is a great way to go. Start with a Gold or Pearl shimmery shadow and take it to the brow bone. Next, go back with a Chocolate Brown color and take it all over the lid all the way up to the crease. To blend these two contrasting hues together take the gold or pearl again and brush back and forth in the crease to blend well.  Then, take your forest green shadow on a wet brush and press into the lid.  I like a shimmery shadow.  Bring a combo of the brown and green under the eye.  Finish with a black eyeliner and lots of mascara.

Shadows to try: Estee Lauder in Emerald Star, MAC Humid, Shisedo Satin eye color Trio in Forest, Laura Mercier Matte Black Smoke or Coffee Ground                                                

On the Second day of Christmas the "Look” Glossa made for me…..

2. Eyes and Lips that looked pretty Yummy….With Chocolate and Raspberry colors that is. Try a dark chocolate shadow on the eyes. Make sure it has warm reddish undertones. You can mix it with a dark “chocolate” brown shadow to make the look deeper. On the lips use a raspberry lip color with a slight brown hue to pull the look together. Allure Magazine recommends the colors: Tenation Cuivre’ by Channel, a color that just came out in October, Cover Girl Shadow Blast in Purple Plume, Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Raspberry or NYC New York Color Extreme Lip Gloss in Mulberry St. Mocha.


On the Third day of Christmas the “Look” Glossa made for me….

3. Lips that are Bold and Funky! Just because it is Drab outside doesn’t mean your look has to be! Try a bold Pink, Red or Tangerine lip for the Holiday season! YSL sheer Lipstick in Blood Orange, Cover Girl Lip Stain #425, or Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet.

On the Fourth day of Christmas the “Look” Glossa made for me….

4. Shimmery cheeks that look light and pretty!Lights on the tree don’t have to be the only thing that glow. Use a shimmer block on the apples of your cheeks to amp up your shimmer. Tip: Put a bit more of blush on the apples of your cheeks to make you look extra cheery and like you were just playing in the snow. Then apply the shimmer to your cheeks. Try the colors: Channel Blush Duo in Tweed Fuchsia, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bloc, or Sephoria Blush me in Meringue Jalouse.

On the Fifth day of Christmas the “Look” Glossa made for me….

5. Contrasting lips dark and lovely. If Bright isn’t your thing, go super dark! Try a deep burgundy lip with a plain shimmery gold eye.  Its bold in its own right. It may seem odd at first but its a modern twist on the matte red lip.


On the Sixth day of Christmas the “Look” Glossa made for me….

6. An eye that is kinda purply…..Green and Smokey not your thing either? How about going lighter…instead of a nude or gold try Lavender sparkley shadow.  A lighter purple color all over the lid and eye and use a deeper purple under the eye as liner. Skip liner on the top for a super clean and basic look.

What will the NEXT 6 looks be????