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Amazing photographers Harry and Allen of LHGFX with winners of the Body Movement Makeover Challenge in Las Vegas

Amazing photographers Harry and Allen of LHGFX with winners of the Body Movement Makeover Challenge in Las Vegas

If you are looking to book a makeup/hair for a Corporate Fitness Shoot, please contact


We have had a BLAST on this journey in the fitness industry . WE HAVE….

  • Worked with the TOP photographers in the WORLD for Fitness Modeling and Commercial shoots

  • We have done shoots for publications such as Oxygen Magazine, Health and Fitness Magazine,, Fitness Gurls Magazine, Fitbody Magazine and Beverly International Magazine.

  • We have done clients for booth work at the BIGGEST fitness Expos such as the Olympia, the Arnold and Europa Fitness Expos

  • Our PRO Competitors have been seen on the stages on not only some of the BIGGEST PRO SHOWS in the country but also we have had SEVERAL OLYMPIANS under our belt (Men and Women)

  • We have been the OFFICIAL SPONSOR in the past for Dallas, Orlando, Atlantic City, Phoenix Europas as well as North Americans/Masters Nationals in Pittsburg as well as JR USA in Charleston. One NATIONAL SHOW we had 140 appointments in one room, so when I say we have DONE IT BIG we have DONE IT BIG!!!

  • At the height of our career we sponsored 60 shows in 20 states!! We had TEAMS of Glossa Girls around the country supporting the industry.

  • We have had the privilege of seeing our work in the ads for amazing companies such as Dymatize, Muscle Pharm, Champion, Beverly International and more.

  • We have serviced over 4,000 clients in 8 YEARS!

Nashville Fit Show May 4, 2019 will officially be our last sponsored fitness show.




We are still going to offer Makeup and Hair VIP Packages for some of our PROS and clients who want more of an exclusive makeup artist. What does that mean? We are going to travel to shows for one or two clients. It is a more personalized experience, in the comfort of YOUR ROOM or in a PRIVATE room at the host hotel with possible personalized touch ups in the afternoon. (These clients will need to be staying at the host hotel or a hotel nearby in order for us to be able to come to you).

EVERY CLIENT is unique and will require a different pricing structure dependent on need so contact us below for availability and quote on a price for you, services range from $200 - $500 depending on package and need.

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Who should you work with?

Although we are NOT going to be sponsoring shows, we LOVE the industry and we want to support those ladies still getting their hustle on to be available at the show to serve you. Here are some of the Show Sponsors or Artists that we suggest you work with who are providing regular services at the shows we have sponsored in the past.


Cleveland - Natural Northern or Natural Ohio shows

Lauren Ostrich - 440-552-3716 or

Columbus Area - Mike François Classic

Lisa Decker -


Shaterra Jenkins -


Lexington shows (Tricky Jackson and KY Open)

Melissa Hon -

Northern Kentucky Shows - We are not the show sponsor but this is our hometown so Glossa will be able to book you a “regular” appointment for these contact

Ky Muscle Shows, NPC Midwest Shows, South Carolina region….

Styles By K -

Indiana and Nashville shows - check show website for current sponsors



“I want to sincerely thank all of the AMAZING clients and photographers we have worked with in the Fitness Industry. It has been a CRAZY AND FUN journey filled with lots of laughs, learning and love. We have met some of our closest friends and had some of our most challenging experiences which have helped us grow personally and professionally. I believe that this isn’t the end for us….just the beginning of something NEW! I am excited to pop into shows every now and then as service our clients on a more personal level. God has a plan for all of us and I KNOW that this decision to stop corporately sponsoring shows is just a pause point for us to change direction on our journey!!

Thank you so much to THE BEST PROMOTERS Dave, Jesse and Erica, Whitney, Brent, Gene for being awesome promoters and always having our back!

A HUGE thank you to Marilyn and everyone at Liquid Sun Rayz for the years of encouragement and shenanigans. I am glad that we can leave on a high note and have much #bossbabe love for each other as women owned businesses AND just in life in general. I have always been your fan and know you are going to continue to KILL IT in the Tanning Biz!!

Thank you to all the artists all over the country who came to work with us for shows in different cities/states CRYSTAL IN FL YOU MY GIRLLLL!!! (Alisa in FL, Lauren in Cleveland, Alisha in NYC, Khatara in Sacramento, Robert in Baltimore, Jenna and Hailey in Louisiana, The girls in Pittsburg, Lashes and Lace in Charleston, Kristen in Tennessee, Mel in Colorado, Anne in Florida, Shawn in VA and so many more)

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU of all to MY TEAM! When I say the best, I mean THE BEST. Y’all there isn’t ANYTHING they wouldn’t do for me if I asked them to. All of the Glossa Girls (and Guy) have poured their blood, sweat and tears into pushing their skills to become top notch fitness competition artists to best serve our clients. They sat through yearly training and listened to my crazy instructions. I am forever humbled by your dedication to following my lead and trusting me with your time, money and business. I have such deep love for all of the team that has worked night and day to support Glossa. You all are forever a part of my heart!! (Melissa, Amy, Elle, Angela, Stephanie, Autumn, Shaterra, Takila, Lisa, Jason, Amanda Boston, Kayla, Joni, Kat, one of the original Comp girls Candace) God has brought each one of you uniquely into my life for so many reasons and I am ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, ALWAYS!!

Good Luck competitors and if there is anything I can personally can do to assist you, please let me know!!”



Owner of Glossa