The problem with Pinterest

We LOVE Pinterest and we realize that 95% of brides are wedding planning gathering wonderful ideas through the site. When it comes to choosing makeup and hair looks that you like for your big day there is an abundance of beautiful models on the site with stunning looks to choose from….UNFORTUNATELY. Why? Why the negativity? First of all, we are looking at pictures and pictures are deceiving. Most of the pictures you find are photoshopped at minimum but also are taken with a professional camera, in a studio and under the perfect lighting. Did you know EVERYONE can simply photoshop any picture through an app on their phone? So, how do you know what’s right for you? Here are a few tips for selecting a look that will work for you….

  1. Bring in pictures of when YOU have had your makeup done and really liked it! We have all been in weddings where we have liked how we looked or at least had a pic or two of when we actually nailed the winged liner and documented it on Facebook. Bring those in for your artist to reference.

  2. At MINIMUM filter the peoples makeup you choose by choosing someone who looks like YOU. Who has a similar eye shape, hair color, skin color and face shape.

  3. Look at REAL picture and not models in a picture. Take a look at friends Instagrams or other friends who have gotten married and pick out what you like about pictures they have had done. Did you like a lip color? Hair style?

  4. Be realistic about what YOUR hair can and can’t do. If you have thin hair, having a huge updo isn’t probably a good option for you. (most of the up dos on Pin have extensions included). If you have curly hair or if your hair doesn’t hold curl be aware of that and do something that works with what you have going on. The LAST thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if your curl is falling or vice versa.

  5. Be mindful of your overall wedding theme. For example, are you having a flowy dress with a flower crown, outdoor with the girls in lavender? Maybe your look should include light shimmery eyes and soft pink lips. It would look off to put a smokey eye with a red lip here because that would be a more “vintage” style which wouldn’t compliment the overall feel of your wedding. I always ask brides what does your dress look like, what to the girls dresses look like, what color are they, what flowers will you have, are you inside or out, how are you wearing your hair, do you have a vail….all of these things help us get a vision of what your wedding is all about so we can help you choose a look that is in theme. I mean you wouldn’t wear heels to a beach wedding, right?

  6. Be open to your artists suggestions when you show them your Pin Pics. We will directly tell you what we can and CANNOT do with the look you are wanting. Be open to that, that is why you have hired us for our 20 years experience in Wedding Makeup!!

Skincare???? YES!!!!

Straight up, if you want the perfect makeup application start with taking care of your skin. One thing I learned from working with Laura Mercier, that the goal of makeup artistry should be to use the LEAST amount of makeup for the MOST impact. Of course with this theory, the better your skin is…the better your makeup application is going to look. In preparation for your big day or special event, try working on taking great care of your skin! Here are a few tips to practice on the daily…..

(you can click on any of the products to get a direct amazon purchase link from our Glossa associates page!)

  1. DON’T WAIT - Getting into a good skincare routine sooner than later will maximize your results. Don’t wait until two weeks before the day to start, start ASAP! No matter what, do NOT try anything new with your skin the month of the event.

  2. Exfoliate - Sometimes the skin can look dull because of the dead skin sitting on top of the skin. Be sure that you are doing a gentle exfoliation one to two times a week. This can be done with a gentle exfoliating scrub. One of our favorites is the Clarins One Step gentle exfoliating cleanser.

  3. Consider micro-needling at home. This sounds scary but we promise its not. Micro-needling can cost $$$ so consider the investment of a good roller at home to use. This helps the skin open up to the treatment that it receives. There are very high priced ones, but even adding one of these more expensive versions helps - Roller

  4. Serum? This is something we have found people skip in their skincare routine that can REALLY boost your natural glow if added. There are all different forms so how do you know what is right for you? Well…..whats your goal?

    Fine Lines - look for a product with Vitamin A and Hyaluronic  Acid like this one from Tru Skin

    Brighten Skin - Try a great product with Vitamin C - Mad Hippie

    Acne - When skin is acne prone it is much more likely to be deficient in critical omegas and vitamins. Try MD Complete Healthy Complexion Booster $25

    Dry - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum

    MY FAVORITE AND MUCH WORTH IT SERUM OF ALL TIME - Le Mer The Concentrate. If you ever are going to splurge I tell all my brides to do this, even just this once. Of course it will spoil you with how glowingly amazing your skin looks but WOW, you won’t even need a highlighter! Yes, it is almost $400 but you could prob. get away with buying 3 or 4 samples online to prepare you for your big day…I suggest using all serums for at minimum of 3 months for best results.

  5. Healing your skin - Whether you have extremely dry skin or oil prone skin, adding a product with probiotics in it. It helps from the inside out. La Roche Posay Double Repair

  6. H2O!!!! Drink LOTS of water! It will help your skin look better as well as Green Tea or Detox Dandelion Root Tea! Here is my favorite! It can also help shed a few pounds.

  7. Facials - Yes, having a gentle facial can help boost your skin. You are at a phase of life where people are showering you with gifts, so let some of your bridesmaids or future mother in law know you are interested in having a gift certificate to a local spa that offers an oxygen or hydro facial!

  8. Vitamins - We are NOT doctors, so please check with your doctor before starting new vitamins but taking a Probiotic (get ones in the refrigerated section) , vitamin C, Omegas and Biotin can help your skin and hair from the inside out.

There you have it!! Hopefully these skincare tips will help you prepare for your big day! We can’t wait to meet you.

Past Brides love Glossa

I love reading happy clients. I also love that almost every client commented on how well their makeup lasted. That's always one of the top questions people ask, "if it will last". Its going to last and you will also want your wedding day to last forever!!! ❤


Dear Millennial Brides

I want to tell you, as a makeup artist I NEED to tell you are beautiful. Your fiance asked you to be his bride for who YOU are. When you are 60 years down the road, he is going to roll over in the morning and stare into your aged eyes with all your wrinkles and imperfections and love you more than you can understand in this moment. When it's time to look at your wedding pictures with your grandchildren, what do you want to see? What do you want your great grandchildren to say? Do you want them to hang a picture of you two in their home out of reverence for your love? YES?! Is the answer yes??? My grandparents were married for 64 years and I have not 1 but 2 pictures from their wedding hanging in my house. PLEASE consider this when you are making choices for your wedding day. Not so much about the actual wedding but more in regards to your dress, your hair, your makeup, his tux/suit and photographer....remember the timeless images in your mind you want to create. 

Now let me address what I KNOW about. Your makeup. In my opinion, every generation has something that "dates" their wedding pictures. Historically it's the actual wedding dress....the style, material, cut and shape tells us what decade you were married in. In my opinion, what is going to "date" brides now is the makeup trends. I blame pinterest for showing us a billion pictures of "brides" with heavy contouring, heavy highlight and dramatic eyes, allowing modern brides to create this as the new standard of what they want. SHAME ON YOU PINTEREST! Those arent REAL brides, those are models. In a studio, under the right lighting to create the perfect filtered picture....This is completely creating a false expectation for 20-35 year old brides. Here's why....

1. Its UNREASONABLE - sure everyone wants to look like a cover model on their wedding day but truth is we all have our unique face shapes that makes this literally impossible. I am 100% confident in my ability as an artist to do anything, heck I can give you a prosthetic nose on your wedding day if you wanted BUT just because I can doesn't mean I should. It's not about me, it's about YOU and YOU looking like YOU. So please, please dont ask me to extremely contour your face, dont ask me to make your eyes look like a different shape,  don't ask me to make your lips bigger, and please don't ask me to give you brows when you don't have any (worse when you don't normally do them like that). If you are going to ask me to go full on Ru Paul on you on your wedding day, (again which I DO NOT suggest) then we need to practice THIS look ahead of time so on the wedding day I know what's going to work for you and what's not. If you KNOW you are going to want a really dramatic look (1% of brides are like this all the time), tell us ahead of time so we can discuss BEFORE the trial run. So we can plan ahead for more time (which will be a higher rate) and even if it comes to it suggesting another artist that might better fit your style!   I can't give you 2 hours of my time and charge the same as a bride who wants a traditional look in 45- 60 min. When I work, I WORK diligently so my time is to be valued....this is the same for all Glossa Girls. 

2. Its UNEXPECTED- I am sure your mom, dad or whoever is paying for your photographer didn't expect their beautiful girl to come out full on Queen on her wedding day. They are expecting to see the best version of YOU and not a replica of a pinterest picture, who doesnt even look like you. You want people to stop and stare at your stunning bridal beauty not all the drama you have going on with your makeup, hair and dress...worse you dont want your groom to stare at you in unexpected shock as you walk down the isle than to be thinking "here comes my bride". 

3. Its UNNECESSARY- Quite frankly, at your age, you are at your beauty peak. You are at the pinnacle of your do not NEED all the contouring and highlighter and lashes and drama of a 40 year old man trying to look like a woman. You have natural glow on your side!!! Sure it's fun to go a little drag when going out for a girls night, bachelorette party or what not but on your wedding day....THE DAY that will define your partnership for the rest of your life, THE day all of your friends and family are going to be starting at you, THE day you will treasure pictures forever.....all of THAT is unnecessary. Maybe a little, just enough for people to say "DANG" but too much is overload. Have you ever had a chocolate cake that is good, but it's so dense and sweet you eat a few bites and you are like "ewww enough" yeah, that's how having overly dramatic makeup is. At first it looks great but then after a while you look at someone like "what is that crap all over your face"? Even for the best artists as myself, doing our best work, after a while the "you" starts to come through and you just look like you have been playing in makeup instead of your best self on your wedding day. I remember going to one of my boyfriends friends wedding as a date. The bride I had hung out with a lot (our boyfriends were friends) so I knew how she normally did her makeup....when she first walked down the isle I was startled....her MAKEUP was stunning but SHE didnt look like herself. We got through the ceremony and at the reception I just kept "who are you?" A few cocktails in (and maybe 4 hours after the I DOs) I was dancing on the dance floor with her and her makeup was starting to separate on her face!!!! Literally separate, like oil and water. It looked like a mask slowly melting off. I knew who her makeup artist was and later asked the makeup artist about the wedding. The MUA said she came into the wedding day wanting, no demanding even after the MUA told her she didnt think it was a good option, to have this look which wasnt what they had done at the trial run. The required products that DIDNT work for her skin, the look was wrong for her face shape and it took way more time than they had planned making the makeup artist late! The MUA was stuck between doing what the client wanted and doing what her face needed.....the result was looking like a HOT MESS by the end of the night. It wasnt the MUA fault, it was the CLIENT for not listening, planning ahead to do another trial and being unrealistic about how she wanted to look. YOU may want it, but YOU DONT need it!!! 

Bottom line, you are not a Kardashian. Wanna know how they look perfect all the time? They have a makeup artist (Mario, love him) and a hair stylist that follow them, ride in the car with them, on stand by to touch them up at ALL TIMES. Unless you are planning to pay for this on your wedding day, keep it simple. Let us make sure your look is going to stay put and keep it YOU. Editorial makeup is good for 2-4 hours, with touch ups. There is a reason why companies pay us $$$$ to be on set all day for 1 or 2 people. Your makeup has to last you 12 hours with NO touch ups and no artist on stand by (unless your budget allows $$$) SO keep it maintainable, let us do our job of knowing how to make you feel your best. Sure we care what your preferences are but let us be the master of what we know! 

Your parents will thank you for not dating 15k in photos with your "dated" fashion fad makeup and hair (they are trends after all), your groom will thank you for being yourself....the girl he wants to marry, and your 80 year old self will thank you for giving pictures your grandkids are proud to hang.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU are the ideal BRIDE. Let's make you feel stunning as you. 




Wedding Morning Playlist

Never fails...8am the day of the wedding rolls around. We set up makeup and are ready to start the first girl and NO ONE wants to start. Everyone is dragging a little, maybe even hung over. The "popping bottles" fun vibe associated with getting ready isnt there. What's the best way to get any party started? MUSIC. More times than not, this is  not a planned detail so we are either stuck listening to the venue "radio" mix or a bridesmaid puts on their "playlist" which makes grandma suzie blush. In order to avoid all awkward situations, just plan ahead and add to your things to set out for the morning a portable speaker and iPad playlist (tip dont hook it up to the phone, it's really annoying when the phone rings a lot and interrupts music). Here is our list of faves that are general crowd pleasers to get the day off on the right foot from the begining!

(Approx  2 hours play time) 

1. Happy - Pharell William's

2. Dance with Somebody - Whitney Huston 3. Dreams - Cranberries

4.  Stuck Like Glue - Sugarland

5. Wishin and Hopin - Dusty Springfield 

6. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

7. I got a feeling - Blackeyed Peas

8. White Wedding - Billy Idol

9. Wannabe - Spice Girls

10. Isnt she Lovely - Stevie Wonder 

11. Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood 

12. Glamorous- Fergie

13. Love Story - Taylor Swift 

14. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves 

15. Whatta Man - Salt N Peppa

16. Halo - Beyonce 

17. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cindy Lauper

18. You're the One that I want - Grease 

19. PYT - Michael Jackson

20. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Proclaimers

21. Treasure - Bruno Mars

22. Location - DJ Khaled  

23. Get your shine on - FL Georgia Line

24. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

25. You and I - Lady Gaga

26. Holiday - Madonna

27. Cant Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake 

28. Wanna Be Me To - Meghan Tranior

29. Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovoto

30. Let me Love You - DJ Snake 


Product Review: Boho Love

Looking for a yummy natural lotion that is paraben free? Love the smell of this one, keeps you smelling fresh especially after a spray tan.  Helps keep skin super moisturized in the winter months.  


Firefly Photo and Films

We love working with new vendors to us, we love even more when they send us amazing photos of our artists work! This is beautiful miss Erika from this July on her wedding day.  Great job Carmen, another naturally stunning bride.  


MEET ANGELA - Glossa Girl of the season

As many of you know, there are lots of Glossa Girls and even a Glossa Guy.  Most everyone knows the owner Lyndsey Yeager.  Most people have also experienced working with Glossa Girl Carmen as our Bridal Specialist but there are MORE! More amazing artists that have trained with Lyndsey and worked with Glossa.  We thought we would take a moment to introduce a new team member per season in a way that is fun and exciting so that when you book with one of our artists, you know more about them!! 


Attached is some of Angela's beautiful work! We asked Angela to give us 20 interesting things about her and this is what she had to say: 

1. I'm 27

2. I have an Associate's degree in Marketing Management from UC & a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from NKU

3. I love makeup!

4. I work as the Director of Shows & Events at the Home Builders Association in Northern Kentucky

5. I've been dating my bf for 6 years (update since she wrote this they are now ENGAGED!) 

6. We just bought a house

7. I have a cat named Louie

8. I love animals

9. For some reason I really want a bunny 

10. I like to do Pure Barre

11. My favorite color is green

12. Lipstick is my fave

13. I love to sale shop

14. I'm originally from Florida

15. I've lived in another country

16. I love summer 

17. Christmas is my favorite holiday

18. I can be a little bit of a control freak

19. I love to travel and go on random trips

20. I love bourbon


This or That? Which do you like?

I was headed to a production set and ran into Walgreens to pick up some waters and found these Jordana Matte Lip colors. The middle is Lolita by Kat Von D I bought at Sephoria for about $22. The color that on the outside looks the same is the bottom shade. Its actually a little darker. The color on the top is the next shade lighter. Mixed together they are almost the exact color of the KVD. I got them for about $3 or $4!!!! Just thought I would Share!  





Real Talk from The Glossa Girl...

Five Things your makeup artist WISHES you would quit talking about....

By: Lyndsey Marie Yeager - @glossagirl 

I have heard a few makeup artists talk about this in our circle and I have read one blogger talk about it as well.  I feel like I may be repeating what other makeup artists have said however, the more people speak UP about it the more people will get the point to NOT TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS with your makeup artists because it shows your LACK of actual makeup artistry knowledge.  

1. BAKING - This is a "popular" technique that people have talked about all over YouTube.  Here's the REAL story on this...back in the day (when I started doing makeup 17 years ago) we learned in makeup school that you put an excessive amount of setting powder under the eyes before you do the eye makeup so that it sets the concealer really well and so when you are done doing eye makeup you can brush away any fall out from eye shadow.  Here is a NEWS FLASH for everyone...the concealers we were using were one molecule short of grease paint so they REQUIRED setting this way.  Fast forward 20 years, concealers have come a long long way and have awesome things in them to help treat under the eye area as well as cover unwanted darkness. They DO NOT require this form of setting any longer.  NEITHER DO THE HIGHLIGHTERS WE USE.  So please, stop telling us to "bake" anything on your face. It's a gimmick and actually CAN make you look older. 

2. Strobing - Who remembers MAC strobe cream from 20 years ago? WE DO! Even back then, we knew strobe cream was only appropriate for certain situations.  Highlighting with a shimmery product still, holds true it is ONLY appropriate in certain situations. If we do too much of it for your wedding day or senior pictures the flash of the camera will catch that highlight and make a glare, at a minimum you will look sweaty and that NEVER looked good on anyone but Kate Moss during fashion week.  So again, Strobing is NOTHING NEW just a gimmick by companies to reinvent the wheel.  

3. Airbrush makes you look flawless. - FALSE,  A TALENTED MAKEUP ARTIST makes you look flawless...well the best we can. We are makeup artist not magicians.  Sorry to say it, it doesn't take a lot of talent to spray foundation all over the skin.  It however DOES take a lot of talent to choose two to three foundation colors for a customized blend, applying to the different parts of your face that need different kinds of coverage, then blending them with the right techniques that it looks like all the same, at the same time making it look like you have nothing on your skin.  This is what a TRUE makeup artist should be able to do.  I remember back in the day when we had vials of Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Green and we had to MAKE FOUNDATION with these things so we can understand the components of color and how to make it work to people's benefit.  I am over this idea that picking up one shade of a "foundation" color and adding a few drops to a spray gun and pulling a trigger takes more skill. Wrong Secondly, there is the false assumption "It lasts longer" that's not a definite statement, it is a  maybe statement...MAYBE it lasts longer (refer to my post about types of airbrush foundation) but NOT TRUE ALL THE TIME. Again it depends on how knowledgeable the makeup artist is about the products they use and what's in them. What did we ever do for beauty makeup BEFORE airbrush? Guess everyone's' makeup just slid off their face. A REAL makeup artist has tricks to get the makeup to last, with or without an airbrush. 

4. "You are Caucasian, can you do makeup on darker skin tones?" - UMMMMM YES! A true makeup artist can do makeup on anyone....Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple...heck Elphaba can come in herself and we got this! A professional will ALWAYS have tones for every shade and be well schooled in how to do any face that sits in their chair. Again a TRUE makeup artist.  Some "makeup artists" aren't able to do it, so its important to not ask the makeup artist if she can or can't do a skin tone, its better to ask where they were trained.  Not in a condescending way, but in a way that shows you are curious about how they started doing makeup and that alone should give you enough information about their background to know if they have done makeup on all types OR CHECK OUT THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA AHEAD OF Time and it should give you the answer you are looking for. 

5. Contour- This is the BIGGEST ONE - believe it or not, this was a thing before the Kardashians. I have had a refillable "Highlight and Shadows" palette since 2005 from the Make Up Designory that BEATS anything out there these days.  As trained makeup artists we do this anyway. It's a don't have to ask us for it.  If we are doing a natural look (or if you have really light skin tone) we may use a few colors of foundation to achieve this effect or if we need something even more subtle we will use powders to do this...whatever way WE DECIDE HOW to do a "contouring" technique that is best for your face and skin. 

Basically, if you are going to be knowledgeable about makeup do more research than watching people on YouTube and research your artist BEFORE hiring them so you KNOW they are a professional and are going to pull out all the tricks without you having to tell the artist how to do their job.   







My mouth is ready

If you are like me, you look at pics of girls with these beautiful smiles and lip color and say, ohhhhhhh I want that! Here are a few things you need to do BEFORE you can apply the perfect lip....

YOU NEED Pearly whites!!! 

Lip color a lot of times WILL make your teeth look yellow. No one likes that!! Whitening your teeth is important but there are so many products...what works? 

1. Crest Whitestrips work so well. But they make your teeth sensitive. I would use to jumpstart the teeth Whitening process and then maybe move to a gentler product after the first 20 days of using. 

2. Twilight Teeth - this system does work. It comes with a UV light to use. Doesn't make teeth uber sensitive.

3. Whitening toothpaste. Eventually it will help but it's more a maintenance not something that will make them go whiter quick.

4. Baking soda or charcoal powder. Brushing with either will also help whiten.  

Day 10 - my lips are ready! 

1. Scrub them! Using sugar and coconut oil, brush them with a toothbrush to remove dead skin.  

2. Hydrate- when preparing to use a lip color intensely Hydrate for 10 min. Or so with an ointment like Aquaphor or Rosebud Salve.  Wipe completely before using lip color. 

3. Protect - always protect lips in winter or summer by having a sunscreen lip balm on at all times! In the winter will protect from blisters and chapped but in summer will protect from sun and wrinkles around the mouth! 



Charcoal anyone?

It's NOT just used for grilling. Activated charcoal is amazing for detoxification and cleaning! Here are all the ways you can use this natural wonders to help you!

1. In your skincare - of course you can add it to a hydrating mask so that you are getting hydrated and detoxified. 

2. In your drink - you can drink it by adding some coconut water, maple syrup, lemon, lavender to it to detoxed your body. 

3. On your teeth - for a natural teeth whitener you can brush it on your teeth mixed with a little water and let sit for a few min. Before rinsing.  

4. As a cleaner - mix into a paste using a little Meyers Cleaning Day natural cleaner. Clean with a sponge and wipe away. Good for kitchen and bathroom! 

Charcoal....who knew?! 




What's inside will come out

How many times have you heard me say that I can do your makeup perfectly but of you do not put amazing things into your body, you will not look amazing on the outside. Your skin is a living organizsm. If you do not feed it with awesomeness, you will not see awesomeness. Pretty simple concept. So, if you are like me and you do not LOVE to eat your greens here are some tips for you....

1. Greens - Drink it. I have found drinking cold pressed juices are easier for me than eating  salads. I dunno why, but they are packed with nutrients. Yes they are expensive but guess what, so Botox!  

2. Vitamins - YES there are vitamins that help with the skin. ALA - Alpha Lipoic Acid is one. Biotin is another and of course Vitamin C. 

3. Beta Carotine - This is in most veggies and is what activates your skins glow. You can take it via capsule or add it to a smoothie.  

4. Lemon Water- It has been said, women who start their day with warm water and lemon have better skin and better vocal cords. So skip the morning coffee and keep it simple! 




Treatment and Hydration

 Often these two things go hand and hand. We all have our own skin "issues" but for most of us they fall under 2 separate categories...

1. Oily, break outs, uneven skintone

2. Dry, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation

Some of us are blessed to have BOTH these things, such as myself hahaha but really, you mainly fall under one or another.  

Treatment is HUGE and Hydration even more important for BOTH issues. Let's first start with Day 5, treatment...

1. Oily - Teatree oil is one of the BEST things to encourage cleansing of the skin. You can put the oil directly on your problem areas or add a little to a mild lotion. Using any products with Teatree can help as well but beware NOT to dry out the skin too much because then you will produce MORE oil to over compensate. Adding a toner like Laura Mercier Perfecting water will also help hydrate the skin bringing the PH balance back without adding oil.  

2. Dry - my favorite thing to use on the skin, and I've blogged about it so much o feel like I should be paid by the company is Damascus Rose Oil by Badger. It is a treatment and hydration all together. I use it under my eyes even. Love this. Also for wrinkles anything with Alpha Lipoic Acid in it is nice as an anti aging.  

NOW for Hydration....

1. Oily peeps - yes use an oil free moisturizer in the day but BEWARE do not use it at night!! Use a regular moisturizer at night. Your skin NEEDS hydration or it will go too Oily trying to produce it for itself, increasing your problem. So use a toner like witch hazel and then a good night cream. 

2. Dry peeps - consider using a nighttime moisture mask at least a few times a week. You put it on before bed and sleep in it. OR at minimum a good night Cream. I like Boots No 7 night cream. Also, if you are going to tone...use something gentle like rose water. 

That's pretty much the skinny on that! Of course we could get wayyyyy more complicated with it but if you are like me, keeping it simple will ensure you actually do it haha!








Out with the old

Did you know our skin regularly needs to be exfoliated in order for the "new" skin to shine through? Not just our face but our bodies as well. However, there is a fine line between having a clean break with the dead skin cells and damaging our skin. Here are a few things I love to exfoliate with....


1. Clarins has a great gentle exfoliator for the face. Nice to do in the shower.  

2. I've been using a scrub from MOJO Spa in Chicago that is made of Peppermint and Rosemary oils. It had cleared up my skin extremely well!  

3. Lush Sea Salt scrub - it makes me feel like I am at the ocean! Love this stuff!!

4. Dry exfoliator, this one by BOSCIA, it is an interesting concept. I like this a lot for a gentle exfoliation. It feels nice and controlled.  



1. One of the best I have found I get at Ulta by Tree Hut. It doesn't dry out and it makes the skin feel awesome.  


2. You can make a body scrub yourself! Sometimes I whip one up with sugar, brown sugar, sea salt...brewed coffee grounds to tighten skin, essential oils like sweet orange or peppermint.  

The key is to have a mit available to use for exfoliation. Propperly. You all know I wouldn't recommend things unless ice tried it! Below are some photos FROM MY HOUSE of the products over mentioned above! 

Exfoliate away and give your skin a  new day!!!  







Gentle enough to use every other day in the shower.

Gentle enough to use every other day in the shower.

I use this once a week at most. 

I use this once a week at most. 

Again, can be used every other day

Again, can be used every other day


What you drink can help you....

People say to me all the time "I have problem skin" whether the problem is  wrinkles, breakouts or sun damage. EVERYONE thinks that their skin is the "worst" so here are two things that are going to help with your skin from the inside out. 

1. Drink more water!

I know people say this often but it is SO true!!! I love this explanation..."The fact is that skin is an organ, and just like any other part of the body. your skin is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Without water, the organs will certainly not function properly or at their best. If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling" - University of Wisconsin

So how much water?  At LEAST two liters. 


So often, skin gets out of wack because the PH in the skin is off causing the skin to be "too dry" or "too oily" or even "too red" in tone. A great way OTHER than topical skincare is to bring the body's PH back. To do this ingesting products that increase alkaline in the body also changes the PH balance. There are foods and topical things will do this as well but who doesn't love a good cup of tea! NOT all teas are Created equal here...there are only a few that promote PH balance. My two favorite are:

  • Peppermint Tea: very alkaline, very tasty and very, very good for digestion. It’s refreshing, natural and caffeine free and has been widely recommended for IBS, flatulence, bad breath, nausea and heartburn.
  • Ginger Tea: one of my personal favorites, this zingy bad-boy is also good for digestion and nausea – but is also great for circulation, colds, flu, stress and headaches.







For Julie, Jessica and Mrs. W!

A few nights ago, I did a makeup lesson in home for 3 ladies. Mom, and two daughters. Each were at different stages of life and just needed minor tweaks to how they have been applying their makeup! Here are some follow up notes from our session because we talked about a LOT between the three of them! Here are the notes and all of the product links are below!


Jessica –

1.       Skincare - I suggested adding Damascus Rose Oil in the evening to balance the skin and for natural hydration. 

2.       Brow Grooming – Other than a little clean up, your brows are great! Below are the little razors I was talking about for easy and pain free clean up!

3.       Eyes – We used your pink toned eyeshadow in the pallet with the fluffy eye shadow brush that is in your set.  If you want to add some more depth to the eye, you can use the shimmery brown in the outter corner and blend inward with the fluffy brush.  Instead of using eyeliner underneath, I suggested using the angle brush with a matte brown shadow (for you, Julie and Mom actually) I listed one below. I used the brown eyeliner that you have in the lash line on the top only.  Mascara that you have if fine, I included my favorite below just so you all know.

4.       Foundation – For you, we used the Tarte 12 Hour Poreless Primer BB Cream. It is the one that is a foundation, moisturizer and primer all together. You are Light. We used the NYX concealer under the eyes and lightly if there are any spots you need it.

5.       To Set it your makeup – I suggested using the Makeup Forever HD Transparent Powder with the larger powder brush.  The travel size is just fine! It will last a long time.  Brush all over the face.

6.       Blush – I choose a brown based blush so that you can apply to the top part of the cheek bones to blend the pink in your cheeks.  The color was Smashbox True Flush. Which you can get at Sephora. It is a color in a Platte so they may have something closer individually. 

7.       Lips – I showed you a several different kinds but the one that you liked the best was the L’Oréal 117 Long wear under the gloss you have already! Which you can find at Walgreens.

Julie –

1.       Skincare – We talked about the mlisma spots and I researched a few products. Looks like things that naturally brighten age spots are Vitamin C and E and Licorice Root. Here is a website that sells several products that you can compare. This is one that I thought looked good!

2.       Concealer and Powder – Instead of the foundation we used the Bye Bye Undereye concealer in Medium on the spots we needed it and blended with the Urban Decay Blurr Brush all over the face.  To finish, we added the Palladio Botanical Powder in Nude with a brush. 

3.       Cheeks – I choose the peachier tones. I like the Smashbox Light Coral for you.

4.       Eyes – We kept your eyes simple. We used the Rose Gold in the pallet that Jessica bought you and accented in the outter corners with the matte pink in the pallet.  I added the brown matte under shadow with the angled brush instead of eyeliner (See Above) on the top for you we used the cream eyeliner and angled brush. The cream eyeliner is below and for an angled brush I would just get a cheap ELF angled brush from Target.  Mascara is my favorite listed below.

Its cheapest at ULTA 

Its cheapest at ULTA 


5.       THE BEST eye makeup remover that we talked about was the Garnier eye makeup remover.

6.       Brow – To groom your brows I used the NYX Blonde Grooming gel

7.       Lips – We talked about how your lips have a natural pink to them so lining lightly with the NYX Nude Beige Liner. 


Mrs. W –

1.       Brows – we started with your brows because this is your biggest challenge. When you do your brows first, it will frame your face so that you can do the rest of your makeup after!

-          We used 3 products for your brows – We used FIRSTthe Brow Pencil – Essence in Blonde – be sure to use light strokes starting in the middle to draw the brow out then add in the front part of the brow meeting in the middle. It is cheapest at Ulta. 

-          Then we used the brow groomer to brush through, the NYX brow gel in Blonde. (Same as Julies above)

-          After, we filled in any gaps with the Salon Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark Blonde you can get a Walmart.

2.       Then we highlighted the eye and most specifically under the brows with the highlighter. We added this under the eye as well instead of a concealer. A good one is the Urban Decay 24 Hour Concealing stick you can get at Ulta.  Any concealing stick is important. 

3.       Eyes – All over the lid we used a matte pink and in the crease we used a warm brown tone.  These colors were specifically by Two Faced cosmetics in the Chocolate Pallete. For liner, we used the gel liner and angle brush like on Julie’s makeup into the lash line (product above). Remember to try NOT to draw it on or get too much on the lid to open the eyes. 

4.       Foundation – The best for you is the Dior Hydralife, it will moisturize and keep dewy.  I would try to go to Dillards for this, have them specifically match you.  

5.       Powder – Lightly dust the HD Powder (shown above as well in Jessica's products) all over the face.

6.       Blush – Smashbox True Flush brown based blush - Sephora

7.       Lips – Nude Beige lip liner (which is cheapest at Ulta) is nice on you by NYX with a chubby stick.  It is just enough color and still moisturizing again, I would get from Dillards. 

Finally, I suggested to all of you a setting spray the All Nighter by Urban Decay.  I am also listing below a decent brush set.  

Thanks ladies for having me at your house!! I had a great time catching up! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!! 


For Kim Powers Hoyt

My sister Kim is amazing; she owns a boutique that just opened in Ludlow, Ky called Leeta Ruth (check out the FB page!), she runs a very successful team of Stella and Dot stylists on top of her own clientele, she is a mom of two adorable small kids, she is a wife, a cook and enjoys Yoga.  Kim has always been busy but since she's taken on these roles in life she has gotten busier.  However, now as a brick and mortar business she needs to have a more polished look to go with her impeccable style.  Here are some suggestions I have for Kim on how to quickly  achieve a maintainable look....

1. Skincare - Cleansing - Alba makes wipes called "Good and Clean" that are natural based but one side has an exfoliator and they are great for taking off makeup quick before Yoga or after a long day you can keep them next to your bed.  I am also obsessed with this Facial Oil by Badger (below) they have regular but I prefer the Demascus Rose because it is made for more delicate skin.  I have found this really balances the skin while moisturizing and protecting. I use under eye as well as all over face in the evening.  

2. Foundation - Since I know that Kim has good skin integrity but she also is active and she is 37 she needs a little coverage, a primer and something oil free so I am going to suggest one of my favorites the Tarte BB 12 Hour Poreless Prime. I know Kim doesn't have a ton of time so to have a product that can do multiple things at once instead of applying a primer, a sunscreen, a foundation and a filler all at once this covers it. For concealer (after foundation is put on) I am going to suggest my FAVORITE the Maybelline Age Rewind.  It will help give her an under eye treatment at the same time highlighting the under the eye area where it may be a little puffy or dark from lack of sleep lol   Powder - I am going to suggest the Palladio powder...I like the light coverage that gives the skin a finished look it also is made with a rice formula which is healthier for the skin as well as a natural brand which is great! 

It comes in light, medium and dark...Kim is a light shade 

It comes in light, medium and dark...Kim is a light shade 

Again Kim is light 

Again Kim is light 

This color is Natural which is a nice neutral 

This color is Natural which is a nice neutral 

Eyes: MY FAVORITE are the smaller pallets from Two Faced because you can do so many looks with one little thing. I have the Cat Eyes one because I do a more smokey eye more often.  The one I think Kim will get a lot of use out of is that still in the natural realm.  You can use the Nude as an all over eye color for everyday use, a pop of gold shadow for a dressy occasion or the deeper color to emphasize the outer corner for some drama.  Eyeliner - For Kim, I would skip it! I would use a dense brush and use a tiny bit of the dark matte brown shadow to apply under eye or on lashline to create more depth. I don't think an eyeliner is needed.  I am linking my favorite dense shadow brush below as well as an AWESOME blending brush for the eye shadows.  Mascara - I really like this Essence mascara because it is waterproof and cruelty-free plus it is inexpensive .  

4. Cheeks - You can't go wrong with NARS Orgasm because its a highlighter and Blush in one! It's gold undertones look awesome with any skin tone.  I would apply it with a fluffier brush for Kim because her skin tone is lighter. Can get a Sephora 

5. Lips - I don't wear lip color a ton but when I do, I like a matte lip that is cheap and easy to apply that lasts long but not forever.  Other than that, I like a matte gloss without sparkle for a more everyday look.  

These are trendy colors and for all three its like $7! An affordable way to be on trend. 

These are trendy colors and for all three its like $7! An affordable way to be on trend. 

Butter Glosses by NYX are my favorites! I love the Creme Brulee and Merangue colors. 

Butter Glosses by NYX are my favorites! I love the Creme Brulee and Merangue colors. 

What I have learned from Nascar...

As you all may have seen on Social Media this past year, I had the opportunity to start working with NBC Sports doing makeup for Nascar.  I absolutely loved every minute of it.  The people were so nice, handled stressful situations well and were all very accommodating.  Through the races that I got to be involved in here are a few things I learned….


1.       Never judge a book by its cover

If you stand back and watch the spectators at the races you may think…”What the heck?!” However some of the people that other people in a traditional setting are the nicest and coolest people ever with inspirational stories if you just talk to them.  Most of the time you can’t even tell the difference between the racecar drivers, the legends and the spectators. You never know who you will see walking around in jeans and a baseball hat.

2.       Fanatics are not crazy, they are filled with positive energy

I have never seen a more loyal group of people in my life.  They passionately LOVE the sport and the people involved.  One time I had a woman ask me for a photo with my hairspray can because she works in a hair salon and they use the big sexy hairspray that I was using.  Their enthusiasm, if you change your perspective on it, isn’t crazy, their enthusiasm is infectious making you happy and excited as well.  Fans love God, love Nascar and LOVEAmerica (and not in that order lol)

3.       Always stay on your toes, things can change at any moment

Before working with the races, I had never actually watched a Nascar race.  After sitting and watching it was very representational of life. At times we start out strong and at times we start out behind, there are times where we are going full speed and times when we have to refuel, we may have a blow out or two, sometimes we are going full speed and sometimes we are rolling with the caution flag.  Hopefully not, but often so there are tragic events like a wreck that can happen at any moment.  Most importantly, no matter what everyone finishes. Either first or last, the drivers never give up and cross the finish line anyway.  The races are unpredictable so is life, so everyone invoved are on their toes to prepare for the moments when control is gone. 

4.       Surround yourself with people that have got your back

Nascar, although it seems like an individual sport, it is a team sport. There are large groups of people that work on the cars, sponsors, driver support, pit bosses, track attendants, security, public relations people, the list goes on and on…bottom line, the drivers are successful because they have people around then that if they ever need anything the team has their back.

5.       Be grateful to everyone who has supported you

One thing that continually impresses me is that if you look at other celebrities they run in and out of buildings with security 20 deep per person. Not in Nascar. The drivers who have millions of fans will walk around with NO security not to mention they stop and sign autographs even when they don’t have to. They are never annoyed by the constant bombarding of fans and photos.  Dale said to me one time that if it weren’t for the fans, that they wouldn’t have a job.  They are truly grateful to their fans and they don’t casually thank people on social media…they SHOW their gratitude by giving their time and making their fans feel important. 

6. Family is important - You would be shocked to see that when drivers win races there are two people immediately by their side...their wife and their children.  Their CHILDREN are a HUGE part of their career.  If you scroll through the Nascar website you will see galleries of "Drivers with Kids at Holidays" or "Drivers with Kids at Halloween". Families of drivers even carry on the legacy, generation after generation.  You don't see musicians win the CMA's and have their kids with them to accept the award however when a driver wins, their kids tend to be more photographed than they are.  

7.       Enjoy life

Boy, oh boy do people involved in this sport LOVE life.  Ultimately, it is a sport…it is for fun! Although it is a money maker it is also a GREAT time!! Life is too short NOT to enjoy every bit of what you are doing. 

Love life ya’ll!