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The Glossa Girls are talented women who are blessed to do what we love, makeup artistry, for a living. We want to show the community TRUE BEAUTY begins within and enhances makeup artistry. We look at beauty holistically believing you need to nurture the spirit, heart and body...that's why we created Glossa Gives. Our way to collectively give back to the community and encourage positive self-esteem in addition to basic beauty needs.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that may see your good deeds." Matthew 5:16


2017 Community Service Projects

1. Brushes to blankets is back! 

We have had such a great response with this in the past that we are continuing it not only in the winter months, but year round! There are many items that the homeless  need in every season.  If you have a donation let us know and we will get it to the right people! 

Items to consider donating: Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Portable Fans and batteries, flashlight, shammy towels, razors, socks, underwear, rain ponchos, umbrellas, tampons, non-perishable food, flavored water packets, backpack 

We also know organizations that support homeless mothers and babies and teens so if you have baby items that are gently used or trendy clothes appropriate for 16yrs - 20 yrs we can take them as well.  We also work with Dress for Success if you have business professional clothes that are clean and in good shape.  

Click the photo to read our article about the Brushes to Blankets capmpaign in Cincy Chic Magazine

Click the photo to read our article about the Brushes to Blankets capmpaign in Cincy Chic Magazine

2. A 21

We were introduced to this organization earlier this year and it is AMAZING! A21 stands for Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century.  The organization rescues and supports women who have been victims of sex slavery. This organization was started by the motivational and inspirational Pastor Christine Caine. On Fridays March - November we are participating in what we call "Freedom Fridays" where 10% of our earnings that day we will donate to A21 to support their cause! 

Click the photo above to find out more about the organization! 

Click the photo above to find out more about the organization! 


We are all aware of the travesty going on overseas but the numbers of children starving are staggering.  7.3 million are in need of urgent food assistance, including women and children who get fed last and little. Its hard to sit back and do nothing. Working with an organization that is a trustworthy organization is a step in doing something. 90% of donations through UNICEF are given directly to people on the ground do directly distribute food, necessities and medical care.  Bringing beauty to the world includes providing for those who cannot provide for themselves.  We will periodically doing "DONATION DAYS" in the studio where we will donate 10% of our in studio appointments to this organization. 



Do you have a donation? Want to get involved or book an appointment on our Freedom Fridays or Donation Days? Let us know by filling out the form below! 

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We are currently looking for more 2016 Service projects! Have an idea or know of an organization that could use makeup and hair services? Let us know and we will consider it!


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In addition to doing community service projects as a company, our artists do service individually for the community! Check out our amazing team and the things they do for others!!

Pic 1: Elspeth and her Reebok One crew cleaning up a Women's Shelter; Pic 2: Lyndsey and Jason preparing for Play Day at Mercy, Pic 3: Kids enjoying their face painting, Pic 4: Lyndsey face painting at the "Cincinnati Metro Community Basketball Game", Pic 5: Lyndsey in "Kim's Closet" helping women bring their style back. Pic 6: Lyndsey at 7 Hills Church "Heart the City" Project at Women's Crisis Center. Pic 7,8 and 9: 2015 Service Project at the Brighton Center Career development program. Pic 10: Owner Lyndsey Yeager in Cincy Chic magazine for "Brushes to Blankets".