Here are some answers to questions people most commonly have. If you have others not answered here please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the amount I am paying the FULL amount up front? Yes! For simplicity we charge the full amount up front so the morning of the show you only have to show up with yourself! 
  2. How long are appointments? 30-45 min depending on the artist.
  3. Is my payment refundable? Nope, but let us know of a cancellation and we may be able to let you use it toward another appointment later in the year depending on the situation.
  4. Can my payment be used toward tanning or vice versa? Again, nope. We are a separate company so we cannot help you with tanning or their deposits.
  5. Is a 30 - 45 min appointment enough time? Yes! We have tricks that expedite the process. This is what we do and what we are trained for! We know how to manage the rush of the show morning without rushing your appointment.
  6. What does the makeup cost include? Full face makeup, lashes, lash application and our paten pending waterproofing process.
  7. Does it include Touch Ups? No, it is an add on service. 
  8. Can I request an artist? Of course! We will do our best to match you with your request.
  9. What is the waterproofing process? It is a 3 step process we use in conjunction with the foundation to make the makeup extremely long wearing.  After working in TV/Film/ Stage‚ĶLyndsey Yeager, owner of Glossa Makeup, developed this process to make the makeup last through the day and under the hot stage lights.
  10. What kind of makeup do you use? We use all brands everything from Urban Decay, Too Faced, MAC, EM to theater and drugstore brands just depending on what it is we are using.  We use what we as artists thinks looks best and works best for stage. 
  11. How do I prepare for my appointment? Choose a look before booking appointment that we have a link for on our Fitness page. This is what we base our looks off of that we do the morning of the show. Be looking for any emails from your artist or a confirmation email the week of the show. 
  12. Do I have my face tanned? If you can NOT have your face tanned that is best however, if you do just leave on for a few hours and wipe off then moisturize.
  13. If I have questions can I ask tanning? It is best to contact US with questions, tanning is experts in tanning and we are the experts in makeup and hair. Email, call or text!