Fitness Competition Rates

Description of services:

Makeup - Full Face makeup application; eye shadow, foundation, cheeks, contouring and highlighting, light brow fill in (shaping is to be done before your appointment. If you are very picky about brows you may want to do before appointment), lips and WATERPROOFING. Our paten pending process to make the makeup long wearing . Includes false lashes and application. 30 min appointment time.

Downstyle - Most competitors want this, includes half up and half down styles or braids - 30 min appointment time

Downstyle with Extensions - For those using clip in extensions provided by the client OR clients with extra long and thick hair that may need more time. This is a 30 - 45 min appointment instead of just 30 min.  This will be noted on our end although the computer will book you for a 30 min appointment.


Our rates have varied in the past according to the location of the show. Because we are more exclusive this year with the shows we are doing and the amount of clients we can accept we are charging the same rate for every show and for every service. 

Makeup - $125

Hair - $125 ; If you are using clip in extensions or not it is the same price!! 

SOME SHOWS we may be offering a DISCOUNT!! Reach out before booking and we may be able to provide you a discount code!!! NEW this year! We will be providing touch up kits in the morning in lou of afternoon touch ups so clients can use them at their leisure! This is complimentary! 


*For discounts on our rates be sure to check our social media for discount codes!*